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He did not kill anyone?

He did not do it.

He did naaaaht.


Michael could barely speak in utter disbelief. This little fucker... Okay, let's recap a few things.

One. When he walked in on him scaring the pee pee out of the pissy pants trio, there was blood on the pickaxe. Now the implication is pretty clear there; but maybe, just maybe, he found it. Of course, that leaves another problem, who would just leave a pickaxe out of the blue?

Oh yeah... Someone who found a gun. Al had came back, covered in more blood, carrying what he thought was a real gun. Now, even if he didn't kill someone with the pickaxe in the beginning, there's a very high probability that he'd killed someone for the toy gun.

But what if- somehow he didn't kill someone. Where did the pickaxe go, and where did all the blood come from. What would he have done to get himself covered like that?

Did he play dead under someone else?

None of it really made sense. No way, there was nooo way he- Make up your fuckin' mind already!

"Alright, we wait 'till tomorrow. We just gotta find a way to keep him with us; y'know, without him biting our throats out..." Michael shook the pain out of his hand and looked at it. Fucker bit right through it, tore most of the burnt skin away. It was bleeding like a motherfucker, and he was sure he saw other gross fluids in there.

"What's in the bag, Al? I think I deserve some of your meds, 'coz y'know, you kinda bit me for no reason."
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