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"Helluva time to figure that out, man," Asha said, heroically keeping a straight face. Not because it was funny, no; just because it was probably the thing she had least expected to hear at that moment. The same urge that lead to people bursting out in laughter at funerals that didn't feature stories about that one time the deceased drunkenly mistook a bush for a grizzly bear and charged at it, screaming for everyone else to save themselves.

It was pretty fucking tragic to only figure out such an important thing about yourself days before you were gonna die. So much wasted time, so much potential love lost. Asha supposed that she was lucky that she had figured out her sexuality years ago, in comfortable surroundings with supportive family. She could only imagine what Jae was going through right now.

"If you wanna talk about it, I'll listen as much as you need." That would have to do for the moment.
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