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Oh shit. Rene had heard about what happened between Oskar and Jane. Granted, she didn't really have specific details on the event, but the announcements had given her enough of a framework to have the most basic understanding of what went down. Granted, the only thing that she actually knew was that Oskar killed Jane. But hey, since Caedyn knew what really went down, maybe she could fill in some of the blanks for her.

Wait, was she crying now? Oh crap, Rene didn't plan for this. She wasn't much of a comforter. Her first instinct was to try to lighten the mood with a joke, but this probably wasn't an appropriate route to go considering that, you know, people were dead. So new plan, talk about something else, but use a tangent so it isn't super-obvious that she's trying to change the subject.

"Damn, guess I'm not the only one out here with shit luck." She said, resting her elbow on the table and her cheek in her hand. "Everything seemed okay this morning until Nancy showed up and shot up our campsite. My group scattered and I lost track of them. It sucks."

Wait a minute, maybe shifting the discussion to her own problems wasn't the best move. She didn't realize this until after the words had already left her mouth, so she had to play it cool and act like she hadn't just possibly committed something of a faux pas.
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