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Maria watched as Michael picked up the gun and then he was pointing it right at Al. Could she even watch Michael shoot Al? Kill him? She didn't really want to watch. But she couldn't look away. Shit. She hated that she was being so indecisive. She listened as Michael was yelling at Al about justice and she averted her eyes towards the wall. Waiting to hear the sound of a gunshot. To see Al's blood splatter out of the corner of her eye. She still had the sword steady against Al's skin.

But that sound never did come.

Maria was now blinking in confusion. And she turned her head back to look at Michael. A flag had come out of the gun. A fake?! No fucking way!

"Seriously? A fake gun...?! What the hell...?!"

She felt sick to her stomach. They were both seriously about to kill him because of a stupid, fake gun. Not only that. But the fact that Al might have killed someone. She still didn't want to believe that Alessio would have murdered anyone. But the blood on his clothes.... Maria shook her head a little. She couldn't deny it. Even if Al wouldn't say who he had killed.

Maria winced as Michael kicked Al in the privates before going to pick his axe up. Maria held her breath as Michael came back over. She wondered if Michael was about to strike Al in the head. No, he asked her a question instead. About what to do with Al. She guessed Michael didn't want to get rid of him anymore.


Maria stared down at Al. He looked so helpless. So afraid of her. Of the weapon that she was holding against him. She came up with something. She wasn't sure if either of them would like the idea. But she needed to say it.

"We can keep him alive." She said to Michael simply as she moved the sword away from Al's neck carefully and she leaned over with her hand held out to him. "Take my hand and get up, Al. Don't even think of attacking me or I will not be afraid to cut you. Got it?"

Their Time Is gone

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In The Future
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