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Maria could only hold back and watch as Michael was beating the crap out of Al. She didn't have to do anything but watch. Unless things got out of hand. Then she would step in and do something. So she watched the scene unfold in front of her. Michael was doing a good job on Al himself so far.

Until Al bit Michael's bad hand.

Maria let out a small gasp as Michael was now screaming his ass and he was bleeding. She hurried forward towards the both of them. She wasn't moving towards Michael. She was moving around him to get to Al. She couldn't let Al get away. She had to make sure that he will stay down on the ground.

Maria let out a small growl of pented-up anger. She then held the sword against the side of Al's neck. "Don't you dare move a muscle, Al! Or I swear I will slit your throat!" She threatened him in a cold tone.

She didn't look over at Michael. She had to keep her eyes on Al. Couldn't let him escape.

"Michael.... Are you going to be alright? If you are, pick up the gun...."
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