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Michael didn't regret a thing.

He didn't regret watching Al fall to the ground.

He didn't regret throwing his axe to the side to lay into him personally.

He didn't regret the first punch.

Or the third.

Or the tenth...

This was long overdue. Al deserved this. Jae deserved this. Alex deserved this. Brendan deserved this.

Nancy deserved this.

They were all gonna get it soon. Alessio was just the first. He promised to take his teeth and now he was gonna do it. He was gonna take more. He deserved this. After all the shit he'd been through, he deserved this release. Al deserved his punishment.

"You didn't even look at them did you Al!? Just gutted 'em and left, is that right?! Huh?! How's that fucker?! You like that shit!? Look me in the eyes you shit! Look me in my fuckin' eyes! Look in my fuckin' eyes!"

He didn't feel a thing as his hands flew across Alessio's face. The ache was gone. The guilt was gone. It was all a blank slate, he was coming back. He was on the top of the chain again. No more dragging his own face through the dirt. He backhanded Al with his left arm, and threw his right fist towards Al.

Al turned. Al grabbed it.

Al bit him.

Michael regretted everything.

He regretted getting cocky.

He regretted pulling back when Al bit down.

He regretted pulling back harder when bandages and burnt flesh hung from Alessio's face like cheese on a pizza.

He regretted falling on his ass screaming and bleeding.

Michael had regretted all his choices that brought him here.
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