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It was sad that his gun was fake. Because Michael was being a huge idiot who risked his life. He went all-in with his life, but he also had a Royal Flush.

Al wanted to pull the trigger, but just stumbled backwards as Michael rushed to him. Michael hit Al's knee and Al dropped his gun to use his fists more effectively. Namely, to underline his pain in gestures.

Michael was a bully who made fun of other students, made fun Al, made fun of Al's friends. Fuck him, he insulted him just seconds ago, he taunted him.

That asshole needed no empathy from him. In school he liked Michael a tiny bit, he was sometimes funny. But now Al disl- hated him.


Mike's hand was fucked up, so Al fucked it up even more by grabbing Mike's hand and grabbing it tightly. No, fuck that, he can't build much pressure with his hand. Al's jaw was much stronger to rub salt into the wound.
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