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Maria felt herself tense up as soon as she saw the gun in Al's hands. Because.... Holy shit! A fricking gun! She automatically took a step backwards. She shouldn't have done that. But she did not want to get shot in the face. She did not want to die. Especially to Al.

She was surprised that Michael did not move away. Then again, that was Michael all over. He was not the type of person who would back down from a fight. She should know that he would risk his life like this. It should be obvious to her that Al was a killer then. It really sucked for her to realize that. But she guessed it would have happened sooner or later.

Michael was nodding at her for her to move. That was a good idea. She moved to the side to make sure that she was apart from Michael. Al would have a harder time to shoot at the both of them. Michael was giving a long speech to Al. She winced about the genitals part. She wasn't really going to do that.

After Michael had finished speaking, Maria took a moment to let out a shaky breath. She was keeping an eye on Al. She was keeping an eye on the gun as well.


Suddenly, Maria noticed that Michael was making a move to attack Al. She didn't move from where she was standing. But she did tight her grip on her sword. She will make sure to move in when Al did something as well.

She just had to wait....
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