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That left the pages. Latanna was quick to resume turning them, and quicker than that to try and get her mind back on track. Supreme Court. That was what she was here for, less so the romantic woes of two high school girls who had no cause to worry about such things.

What had Olivia been thinking, in the few seconds of silence she'd needed to have anything passable as an answer? Well, barely passable, as the case had been. Latanna hoped for more coherent essays than what dear Olivia had just half choked over.

"I see, well." Olivia was looking at her, so Latanna half glanced up. Half her eyes were still trying to drink down the masses worth of written political discourse, but the other half could pin the hue of Olivia's green irises within maybe three off shades. "I see." Purposeful repetition, that. Classic rhetorical device for speech, repetition. Probably not the right time or right place, but even Latanna knew when to not take herself seriously. Olivia, hopefully, knew the same. And if not, well. More power to her regardless.

"And I am wondering what you meant when you said 'we' just then."

Back a page. She needed the full context of this one particular quote that spanned between pages. Among the other quotes she was dissecting at the moment, yes?

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