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Really now, what did they think. Wasn't Emma supposed to be the school president, here?

Kaitlyn motioned to the broken camera.

"Didn't see, but... seems obvious, Emma. I guess she tried something and, well, that happened. I always told Mabes she was too smart for her own good."

Kaitlyn had never told Tessa that before in her life, but it sounded right. She thought.

"But I guess people are doing stuff, you know. I..."

She broke off for a second. OK. Give it a go.

"Ya know Mia Rose? I found her over at the library. There was a syringe next to her. Looked like she'd, y'know, opted out. People are doing that. At least she probably didn't suffer, went peacefully. Can't blame them."

She eased into a chair and moved Tessa's bag closer to her with one foot. Just keeping an easy grip on the gun; not pointing at anyone in particular. Amanda Tan had a grip on hers, too. Kaitlyn tried not to grin at that. Yeah, Amanda Tan.

Kaitlyn dropped the boots and started worming her feet into them. Mabes looked like she'd had pretty big feet for her height and boots like these Docs were usually pretty roomy, so hopefully they actually fucking fit her well enough cause it'd be pretty embarrassing if it turned out they were two sizes small and she had to change back in front of everyone.

"But they don't need their stuff anymore, and we all kinda do, don't we?"

Amanda Tan with a gun was maybe not entirely a joke, but it said enough. That Amanda was the one carrying instead of Emma said more about Emma. And Kaitlyn wasn't entirely sure about the shrimpy junior girl she kinda recognized, who at least had the sense to agree with her; but if she was truly more than she seemed, wouldn't she have the gun? Not that it was even a nice gun or anything.

"Nice gun, Amanda. Reminds me of the one I used to go turkey shooting with my dad with. Uh... don't worry, we're cool here though, right?"

Now that was some quality... subtle boastful warnings or something? Whatever. She was right, yeah. As rain. Speaking of, there were some dark clouds gathering outside, which Kaitlyn wasn't much a fan of. She'd... kinda hoped to spend the night outdoors, away from everyone. Just in case of whatever the announcements were going to say.

"Yeah, right."

She zipped open Tessa's bag and glanced down. Didn't look like much inside from this vantage point.

"So let's see what we've got."

As she reached inside, still making sure to keep her eyes mostly on the other girls, it occurred to Kaitlyn that she was almost back at the bridge, wasn't she? Playing tollbooth again.

Except that here she was just straight up giving stuff to other kids when she actually didn't have to. Yeah, fuck. It was like the complete opposite of tollbooth.

"Water," she tossed a bottle of water on the floor towards the others.

So why was she doing it? Cause she was fucking smarter now, huh. She was playing smarter, and smarter meant you could play a goddamn magnanimous person when you already had a bag full of another girls stuff after you'd... yeah.



Hey there was a big flat green thing under that loaf of bread. Kaitlyn glanced back up at the group. Glanced back down at the raised letters.


"Holy fuck that looks like a bomb.... yeah. Yeah it's a fucking bomb."

And snapped her head back up.

Her back and shoulder muscles tensed up again in an instant and then she'd raised the gun to make a quarter-circle of the room. Amanda to Emma to.... junior girl. Jamie, she thought. No, not resting it on anyone. Not, she hoped, to make anyone do anything stupid or anything especially since yeah, she had a fucking bomb here. Kaitlyn wasn't going to actually shoot any of these girls, right, so she... only had to make sure none of them were gonna try anything now.

"Kay, so why don't you...."

She coughed to stifle the giggles rising in her throat.

"Yeah I think that'll be mine. Don't fuckin move, kay? Agree that's mine?"

Funny. Turned it actually was how tollbooth was supposed to be all along, wasn't it? Before Alan had come along and fucked it all up. But hey, he'd only been gone a couple hours and look where she was now.

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