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You've got to be fucking kidding me! Three times in a row and they got guns! I want guns!

Michael lost his grin when Al pulled out his new toy.

Michael was really, really, really, reallyreallyreally reallly reeaaa-hea-hea-eally getting tired of this shit. Another one in the 'I've got a big dick because I got a gun' pile. He should be thankful though, because Alessio gave him two realizations that helped him out pretty well. One; was that getting a gun pointed at you three times in a row kind of desensitized you to it. Not by much admittedly, he was still spooked, but he didn't turn into a lispering studderfuck. Two; Al told him exactly what happened to that pickaxe, and how he got his new toy.

"Al you lil' bitch. Put that shit away for fucks sake!" Michael had to find a way around him, a way out, the lucky bas-

Not here. Jerry was watching. Not only that, he wasn't alone.

He wasn't alone anymore.

This just got a whole lot easier. Michael's shit eating grin returned.

Michael should have realized sooner, but it didn't matter. He caught his composure and took his shades off, giving Al his best Ghost Rider penance stare.

"Put it away. 's all you gotta do." Michael nodded for Maria to move to his left. As long as they spread out, they'd be harder targets.

'Ya do that, an' you start talkin', even though we probably know what you did already, and you might, just might, maybe walk away with half your teeth! That's half more than I was plannin' on leavin' you with, think a' that! Too good a deal to pass up if you ask me!"

Michael twirled his axe and laid in upon his own shoulder.

"Or you could just shoot me, then I guess Maria here will just skewer your genitals and turn you into a chode-kabob. Food for thought." Michael put his shades back on and grabbed his privy parts for emphasis, his gaze not leaving Al's eyes, even when covered.

"I mean, shit, half your teeth, or both your balls; fuck that's- well, that's actually something for you to think about isn't it. I mean, the second one would hurt more; but it's not like you're gonna use that lil' thing down there, right? No one would touch you."

Michael shrugged. All he had to do was get in Al's head. All he had to do was psych him out. He had the mind advantage here. He was a fuckin' genius after all, he could talk his way into or out of anything. Perks of a silver tongue bay-bee!

"Would it be easier if I swapped the deal? I mean, I like to see myself as a rational individual, we could make a deal, maybe a quarter of teeth, and one nut? Could always barter somethin' out."

He pointed his axe towards the gun. Now's the sinker. Pop the best deal now after the bad deal, he'll follow through.

"Hell, you put that shit away right now, even give it to me, and I might not do anything to you at all; whaddya say, eh? I'll give you a minute to think..."

Michael would give Al a minute to think. Any longer than that, then fuck it, he'll just bum rush him and see where it got from there.


Fuck it!

Michael ducked his head low and sprinted zig-zags, ready to swing the blunt end of his axe towards Al's legs. Standing still wouldn't get shit done at all.
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