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(Benjamin Lichter continues from You and me and the devil make three.)

He had been walking for most of the day. Looking for Maxim and staying out of sight both made any travelling Ben did take far more time than usual. Ben had accepted that. It was the price he had to pay.

Still, it would have been nice to just hike. The scenery wasn't that bad. It was both a little colder and a little more ocean-y than he was used to, but that didn't bother him too much

Take this view, for instance. There was the sea, which was a novelty in and of itself. Ben had never seen it before, having never ventured out of the landlocked state of Arizona in his life. How it moved, how it sounded, how it smelled. And in this case, how it swirled around the rocks that rose out of the water a few feet from the edge of the beach. Even further back, what must be miles out to sea, he saw other shorelines. It was quite picturesque. He would have compared it to something he had read, but he realised that he had never actually read a romance novel that featured the sea. He was even stumped trying to compare it to something out of a song. As far as he could remember, "Beyond the sea" was the last song of note that even featured it. And that was ancient.

It had a nice melody, though, so he started humming it absentmindedly as he ate his lunch. Ben sat on the shingle rocks that lay before the beach, having his first relaxed moment of the day. He wasn't being as cautious as he should have been, but he was eating, the view was nice, and he sat in what he thought was a rather secluded spot. It wasn't so much that he had decided to forgo caution, but rather that he had forgotten about it, momentarily.

The announcement that morning hadn't fazed him - rather, it had strengthened his resolve. He had been surprised that it had started off with a name he recognized, for once. Jane Madison. He had met her once or twice when hiking, though he couldn't really say that he knew her. Her death saddened him, though, since now he could put a face to one of the dead. Clearly, she hadn't been one of the people to fear. Or maybe she had, and someone had shot her in self defence. Who knew? He certainly didn't. All the announcement proved was that people were still killing. And that he had to keep avoiding them to stay alive.

Ben finished his lunch - which had been a piece of bread and one of his ration bars - and started to walk to the beach itself. He was about two feet from the sand when he saw something that made him cuss - which he didn't even notice any more - and crouch down in alarm. A footprint. No - multiple footprints. People had been here before. The place wasn't as secluded has he had hoped.

"Time to move on, then", he mumbled. I should hope so, replied the voice, which had started berating him the moment he had seen the footprint. Readjusting the bag over his shoulder, which was getting somewhat sore, he stood up and looked around, trying to decide on a direction he might take.
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