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This was good. Maybe Kizi was missing something, but this was good. There seemed to be understanding. Coarsely expressed, aye, but understanding. And honesty. Honesty that was well-taken. That was definitely good. Kizi couldn't see how there could be a debate around that.

Sure, the swearing wasn't optimal. The concern was not out of a disdain for profanity, no, but in Kizi's experience, expletives and high emotions had a kind of circular relationship. Self-fuelling. One led to the other, which led to more of the other, which led to more of the other. And here, high emotions had even higher stakes than normal. But hey, that was how Clarice was. It wasn't portending anything ominous, or radically disruptive in Clarice's thinking. And Kimiko would know that.

So even that point was moot. Which was good!

She turned to Jenn and Bart, and offered the two a reassuring smile. Things'd be okay. For now, at least. Even the island's killers weren't complete monsters.
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