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((Noah Whitley continued from I'll Carry On When the Valley's Deep))

Noah continued to trudge along through the night. It was now raining, which he definitely did not need. It was bad enough he was nearly murdered earlier today, but now he was cold and wet. He was sure that was going to mess his bandages up, so he'd need to change the bandages once he found shelter.

Since his encounter with Nancy, Noah had been wandering around, hoping to find some sign of Rene or Blair. Unfortunately, it looked like he had completely lost track of the girls. Along with that, he himself got lost himself. It wasn't intentional, but in his panic, he had sort of lost the way to the cabin. He wound up back in the staff area, but he wasn't sure they'd be in the dorms. He quickly moved through them, but didn't see anyone else inside.

Now he was heading back to the cabin. Once he was oriented with the area, it was easier to find the cabin. This was probably the best option to finding the girls. He prayed that they were at least safe inside and that they could get past this awful day.

Noah approached the front door, Sawlaska by his side. He reached for the knob and tried to open it. To his surprise, the door wouldn't budge. His eyes widened. Someone had to be inside. He quickly banged on the door.

"Blair? Rene? Are you there?" he shouted. "It's Noah!"

Noah waited. Maybe the girls barricaded themselves inside in fear of Nancy following them. At the very least, he hoped it would be someone who would shoot at the door just because he knocked. He had gotten his share of being shot at for a lifetime, and now he'd like to move inside and get warm.
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