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Trav was regretting even saying anything. He didn't want to contribute to it too much. He didn't have the argumentative ability necessary to convince people of his points or the desire to even do it. As far as he was concerned he had said his part.

Of course the discussion continued without him so he listened in, occasionally taking a sip of water or gnawing on a protein bar. If he had to choose a side he would have gone with Cass. There was probably some favoritism going on there, he was able to admit that. But to him it didn't really matter what the reasoning for the killers was, he just knew that when the time came he needed to step up and defend the people he cared about. Everything else involving the killers wasn't as important as that to him.

He looked up when Wade finished off his speech and grinned. He didn't know how much Wade knew about him but he was willing to guess not much based on the question.

"We're fine for protection." He nodded in the direction of Irene and her shotgun. "We have that which will put off basically everyone and if anyone does want to try their luck and have a fight I'll be able to beat them."

Trav wasn't exaggerating for effect. He believed in his heart that when it got down to it he would be able to beat anyone on the island in a straight fight. The only two people that were even close to him in his opinion were Noodle and Rod and only Noodle was on the island with him. On top of that, they were basically best friends so the chances of them ever fighting were nearly zero. That knowledge helped keep him relaxed, knowing that the only thing he had to fear was a gun. He didn't know how many people did have guns however but he imagined if a killer had one he would find out quickly. The announcements also helped give them information like that.

"Don't worry too much about this stuff. If someone does come after us with intent to harm we'll be able to either scare them off or incapacitate them. We won't even need to go further than that unless there's no other choice."
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