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He drew out the hey when he saw her, he always did that with people he knew. He had these quirks with friends, They had known each other for years at this point, so it was hard not to notice. funny enough was one of the music classes that got them talking in the first place. And here they were, chatting before a performance. Just the way she liked it.

He made a joke regarding his absence, she laughed at that. It wasn't that particularly funny, but it was better than leaving him hanging. He then asked if anything happend while he was gone.

"Nothing much really...it's why it's good to see you back, things are less boring when you're around." She punctuated that with a smile, things tended to be more interesting when Jeremy was around, sure somtimes he'd say or do something that made it feel like they were in The Office or something like that, but he hit more than he missed, for her at least. She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, didn't seem so.

"By the way, catched up on the last season?"
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