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Breathe. She needed to breathe.

She was useless here. What on Earth was she supposed to do about a dead body?

Her mind was stuck, as it had been ever since they'd been here, as if someone had shoved a rusty crowbar into whatever thought processes she was having this whole time. Even her emotions felt stuck, unable to move past that initial shock she'd had ever since she'd seen the body.

And then Kaitlyn here, she said she didn't kill her and she couldn't believe her, but she couldn't not believe her.

It was impossible to believe that anyone could have killed anyone at all, but the dead body in the room made it clear enough that as much as the terrorists might been lying to them, there was, at minimum, one dead body here.

Kaitlyn had a gun in her hand. That marked her out as dangerous, as hypocritical as that seemed. But the girl was far more likely to use it than herself, right? Besides, they said ninety perent of murders were commited by someone the victim knew, right? What if Kailtyn had shot Tessa's neck, just so it'd look like she was blown up by the terorrists?

It was merely a possibility, but whatever happened, staying wary was probably for the best.

"You-", she started, but she had nothing to add. Either Kaitlyn would tell them everything, or she wouldn't and nothing she said right now would really change that. She merely gripped her rifle tighter, hoping that would ward off Kaitlyn trying anything on them.
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