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A familiar shape, short and scrawny, waved as it through the crowd of people.

Conflict resolved.

“Hey, Serena,” he said, as she drew closer to him. The syllable on the first word had been extended. It was a way of saying it familiar to him. Particularly so in this situation. Reason why?

Because Serena was a friend, y’see. They went back. They didn’t actually go that far back but it was a friendship that had lasted for a fairly good while. Well, couple years, at the very least. He couldn’t remember when exactly that morning was when he was playing third violin and got bored enough to start chatting with the girl playing cello next to him, but he was happy that morning happened. Serena was a certified cool person. A good friend of Jeremy’s. Sure, she tended to hang with her own group and was more someone Jeremy tended to talk to in his nomadic travels around the school, but hey, they had their matching interests and she had her incredible talkativeness so all was good in that neighborhood.

And hey, she was the one who indoctrinated him into watching Survivor so he needed someone to blame for liking it. Also someone to talk it with. It’d probably be a lonely experience being the only one who watched it in the school. He couldn’t blame her, really.

He also couldn’t ignore her question. That was right. She was a friend of his and he’d be a rude dude if he ignored her.

“Not much,” he said. “I‘ve sorta been living the dream the past few days.”

Slight pause. For dramatic effect.

“Fever dream, that is. I’ve been a little bit out of it. Only reason I even came tonight was because I figured I’d get Grove’d if I didn’t.”

And there was the punchline. He hoped she liked it. She had a nice laugh. She sorta had a nice smile, as well. Hopefully she deemed him good enough to get one as a response. That would be nice.

“But yeah. I haven’t been here past couple days. Anything happen in class while I was gone?”
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