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((Serena Waters: Memories start))

Typical performance day for the club, everyone getting ready and finding their seats, practicing or pretending to at least, there was an hour to it so not everyone was gonna sit down and wait the hour out. Serena herself had her cello ready. She practiced a bit with the strings, it sounded good. It always felt good to play music, whatever instrument she used, it felt like she was in her own soundscape, with the sounds of the cello filling the air, she could close her eyes and picture it for herself.

She stopped when she looked over and saw him laying back in his chair with the violin in his hands. Jeremy was a weird guy, saying and doing things that were funny to him, but maybe not translate that well to others. Even so Serena found he could be charming and nice in his own strange way, it's why they were friends after all.

They had an hour till the performance and they didn't have to spend the entire time practicing. A chat wouldn't be out of line. She stood up and walked over to him and waved with her left hand.

"Hey Jeremy, what's up?
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