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Listening in, Wade had been trying to compose an effective response. He felt their words bounce around in his head, fishing for little nuggets of meaning and understanding, then picking them out, composing a picture of what everyone else was trying to convey. Rapidly, as the back-and-forth started from Trav's previous comment, he realized why he felt strangely indifferent: the entire topic was rather tangential to the real discussion to be had. As a matter of fact, Cass had seemed to brush off this core: what his question was really getting at.

The real discussion wasn't why the killers were killing; there were plenty of potential motivations. Myriads given the complexity of human thought and the plain statistics of chance, and it seemed a bit dehumanizing to start writing a select group people off as some vague cartoon evil separate from the rest. Even as chilling as it was to accept that serial killers were on the loose on this island - terrifying given that they had come from the very same senior and junior class as himself - that was the reality they were grappling with. And the whys of it weren't all that important. The hows were. Namely: how they did so, and how this group were to prevent that from happening to themselves.

"Does it matter why they're out there murdering? One way or the other, they're all the same kind of threat. A-a hostile human. I-I could care less if they did it out of jealousy or hatred or any-any other kind of passion. They all pose the same danger. And we're not thinking about how to protect and defend against that danger, which is all that truly matters here. Killers will kill. And if we die, we die. It's irrelevant whether or n-not we know about their mistakes and motivations and whatnot. They'll do the same thing to us no matter what those are: kill. How do we protect ourselves from being killed?"
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