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Distrust. That was what she could expect now. One of her best friends didn't even trust her. That made Kimiko want to leave then and there, she wasn't even sure if Clarice realised how much what she said hurt. Instead she just took the tissue and nodded, wiping at Caleb's blood that was coating the lower half of her face. The other two, Bart and Jennifer just said how they didn't want to fight. It suited Kimiko, she had no intention of hurting any of them unless they tried to attack her.

It did worry her that Clarice had come into contact with Isabel and Nancy. Of the three of them Kimiko considered herself the most sane, and she cared about Clarice and didn't want her to get hurt. Of course her opinion of the three of them was based on what the announcements said however and she didn't know how trustworthy they were beyond giving the names of those that had died and their killers. Eventually Kimiko gave up trying to get all the blood, she was sure there would still be blood on her neck but she didn't want to spend anymore time trying to get it all.

She looked down and sighed, thinking about what Clarice had said and remembering Caleb's words back in the cabin, his smile and kiss. She looked at the tissue that was stained red with his blood and then to Kizi and finally Clarice; who didn't trust her anymore but still stood talking to her.

Kimiko had promised herself she would be smart and wouldn't do anything stupid. Nothing that could endanger her chances of reaching the end of the game and making sure Caleb's sacrifice wasn't in vain. But she felt something tugging at her and she knew deep down that the chances of her seeing Clarice again were nearly zero. She wanted to hug her but the gun and the others played on her mind, she didn't know how they would react.

But then, given the circumstances what did it matter?

Kimiko stepped forward and pulled Clarice into a hug.
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