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Truth be told, Olivia had stopped paying much attention to their discussion after Rod shot her that look, that raised eyebrow that told her that he'd noticed, that she was an open book. She just looked at her book, continued reading and re-reading through the pages, somewhat hoping that she'd sink into them. Besides, they were talking about Sadie's, and there was no chance that anyone would ever want to be with her, or that she'd even be allowed to go there. It was the type of thing her mother would describe as lewd, improper like Latanna said. So why bother talking about it?

And like that, she continued, just staring at the pages. But the words Rod and Latanna traded didn't completely escape her, and indeed, her ears perked up when she heard mention of tribes and the government. Her fingers stopped flipping pages completely as Latanna continued. It wasn't so much disagreement, offense taken that made her stop. In fact, she and Latanna were rather in step when it came to worldviews. It was who she was directing those words that made her tense, tense in the way she would be while re-watching some film, at the minutes before the break-up, the car crash, the downfall. And while a wiser, more prudent part of Olivia stopped herself from speaking, another part wanted to stop this car crash, to keep things civil, alright, fine.

And then Rod's phone buzzed, and he left. And Olivia was left wondering whether he really needed to take that, or if he had just found a nice excuse to leave them behind. It was probably the former, but her mind was still buzzing with what-ifs, with things she should have done to keep him from leaving. Her mind was still filled with guilt.

It took her a few seconds before Latanna's remark registered, before she realized there was supposed to be an answer. A few seconds for the question to hang there, waiting. And it left her a bit confused.

"I-I thought we-" and then she remembered that Latanna had been part of the planning for this, that at the very least, she'd want to see the results of her hard work. "I mean, like." And then she found what Latanna really meant, the statement behind the statement, and she realized what she had said, and she didn't mean it, and, "Sorry, no, I just know I had no plans on it." And she looked back at Latanna, hoping she hadn't said anything wrong, but knowing she probably had.
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