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“Well, sorry for going King Lear on you, I guess.”

That happened in King Lear, didn’t it? Eye-gouging. Yeah, that happened. Junko wasn’t much of a Shakespeare person, but she distantly remembered that coming up in English class. She remembered that Hannah Kendrickstone liked Shakespeare, so it was a fitting reference, sorta.

Anyways, Hannah Kendrickstone. Again, liked Shakespeare, and wasn’t she a furry too? Maybe? Ah, well. Drama club person, too. She was okay, really. They were in separate grades and didn’t hang out with the same people, but she seemed alright.

Though, she was holding something that looked like a board of some kind. So, great, she had a weapon. Bat versus board, who would win? Well, Junko’s money was on bat, but eh, she was biased. Though, the board had an advantage, in a way. A bit of a longer reach.

Well, if Hannah tried something, that pent-up energy would be put to good use, at least. Kinda, sorta.

Junko pointed the flashlight beam towards the board.

“Whatcha got there?”

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