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Kimiko had responded by going into a flurry of hand motions. Sign language? Made sense. She was unable to speak, after all. However, Jennifer had no idea what she was trying to say. But the look on her face looked nervous, as if she feared them.

Jennifer felt her mouth twitch. “Dealing with this civilly,” Clarice? That would be a fair way to deal with things, but the part where Kimiko was kind of a known murderer made that more than a little difficult. It didn’t help that Kiziah stepped forward and offered her help. No no no, what was she doing? Again, Kimiko, murderer. That was an important detail, was she the only one who remembered? Well, probably not, but the point remained.

But Clarice seemed to respond to her signing. Judging by what she said, Kimiko was “scared” and “angry.” Was she talking about Bradley? Clarice mentioned him, at least. He came up on the announcements too, didn’t he? Okay, so maybe she was explaining what happened there. Bradley was a jerk, so did he provoke her somehow? Well… Bradley wasn’t known for his political correctness. Was Kimiko in some way a victim of circumstance? But that wouldn’t explain the other time, would it? Cristo. That was who she killed last time. It was a little more difficult to handwave away, unless it turned out something else happened.

Bart chipped in, saying he didn’t want to fight. Jennifer looked at Kiziah’s gun, still resting at their feet. She let out a deep sigh. However, she raised her hands, keeping her palms flat.

“I don’t want to fight either,” she said.

It was true. She didn’t. No one asked to be here. However, Kimiko was still a threat. It seemed like Clarice and possibly Kiziah were friends with her, though. Maybe the diplomatic approach would work? It’d better work.

Halwood, you better know what you’re doing.

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