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"Thanks!" Asha called out as she caught Jae's rations. She had to stop herself from gulping the entire bottle of water down within seconds of opening it - she vaguely recalled that being a less-than-healthy thing to do, and even with the extra bag, they still had to try and conserve their supplies. She reluctantly recapped the bottle after taking care of the worst of her thirst, absently wiping her mouth with her sleeve. "We've been splitting the stuff in Dot's bag for the last couple of days, and we're almost out."

"And yeah, it was creepy. Like, real talk? I'm pretty sure the only reason we're still alive is that Iz still thought that I liked her, y'know, because ballet and shit. I, uh, made it pretty clear that wasn't the case, so maybe don't waste any time on saying 'hi' if we run into her again." Asha wasn't gonna say 'please shoot her,' but she didn't exactly care enough to completely remove that option from the table.

"Enough about me, though. You wanna talk about who fucked you up?" It was about time to address the limping elephant in the room, if Jae felt comfortable enough to do so.
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