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"Well, I've got my health. And Dot. And you, now! Things could be a lot worse, to be honest." It would have been easy to leave it at that, to downplay what Asha had gone through the past two days and jump right to the much more important matter of what the hell had happened to Jae; but he wasn't stupid. He knew her well enough that any attempt to hastily pave over the corpses littering her mental sidewalk would be noticed and unappreciated. Besides, she'd have to explain eventually why she and Dot only had one bag between the two of them.

God, Asha'd been parched for hours, now; but she hadn't been able to bring herself to drink any of her friends' water without their permission. She'd managed to push that thirst to the side for a while, physical discomfort displaced by grief, but watching Jae down his water had brought it back into focus. Oh well.

"Like, when this all started, we - me and Dot - were with some asshole we found on the beach. Wayne. He seemed like a chill enough guy, but during the first night he ditched us when he was supposed to be keeping watch. Took my bag, too. When I woke up it turned out that Iz had found us and had been staring at me for like an hour, so that was fun!" She laughed a little, realizing how scary that had to sound to, well, basically anyone who knew Isabel, or had heard of Isabel, or had a vague concept of an Isabel in the fearful parts of their brains.

"So I've only got one shot for my taser, now, and we're running real low on supplies. Aside from that - well, you heard Danny's name on the announcements." Asha didn't bother to force a fake smile, for once. At least she'd gotten over the whole "crying" bit for the moment; not that numbness was much better.
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