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They weren't getting it. Cass was right. Nothing had happened to them, so they couldn't understand. This was different, it just was, it had to be. Cass especially was trying to moralize the whole thing away, but they couldn't really believe that, right? 'Oh, some people just make bad decisions,' like that's all the end of someone's life was? Or like people trying to save their friends lives were what they'd been hearing about for the last few days?

No. They were killers. People who did things like what she'd seen done to Tina, or to Joshua, or to Jane, they didn't just make a bad decision. Irene shook her head quickly and stared up at Cass. "It's not like that though!" The words came out more forcefully than she expected, but she kept going. "All those names...they weren't just protecting their friends. How many times are we gonna have to hear Nancy's name to get that? Or Isabel's, or Kimiko's? I mean, maybe a couple are mistakes, or just people trying to do the right thing, but most?" She was shaking now. Fear, rage, anxiety, take your pick as to why. "Don't l-lie to yourself, Cass," she stuttered.

Irene had had enough doubt about what was going on for everyone already. It seemed like everyone else wanted to do the same thing though, in one way or another. Somebody had to be honest about it. Somebody had to do something. She still didn't know what to do, but maybe if she could make them understand, they could help her.
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