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Lucilly had, she faintly recollected, once been determined to lead her friends to somewhere. Perhaps it would have been happiness and health, but she would not mind the prospect of shelter both warm and well-lit.

She had not, however, taken in that walking was actually difficult. Very difficult, in fact, if you did not do it in three days.

[Lucilly Peterson, continued from somewhere]

She had, as unfortunately as it was, fallen a bit behind on her companions. Not by anything that would be called a great distance. Yet some yards were there. Between her, and the others. Lucilly minded it, but she did not complain. She was, after all, to occupied to spend all her breath on walking.

It was admiration she found for all the others. For Amanda, and her resolute will shining on. For Jamie and her spirits. For Emma and how the death of her own kin haltered her in no way.

Lucilly, however, chose not to step into the pub. She heard a shriek, and she could hear what the other girls said. She, perhaps wise and perhaps cowardly, chose to spare her the image. She chose to wait, safe from the brutality within, and stood still by the frame of the door.
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