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Maria wasn't that surprised about Michael's response about Nancy. She had killed quite a few people. She knew that Michael was hell-bent on stopping that girl from hurting anyone else. And Maria was determined to help him with that goal. If Maria even saw that Nancy.... Well, she was not going to go easy on her either. Maria was so sure of that. Then they would concentrate on Isabel and the other killers who were going too far to try to get back home.

Maria blinked when Michael passed her and he brought her out of her current thoughts. She raised an eyebrow when he said the name 'Allison'. Who was that? She was sure that she didn't know a girl by that name. She peeked around Michael's body to see who the newcomer was. Oh.... It was that quiet kid. Ally...? No, Alessio! That's his name! Why was he here?

Maria's eyes widened slightly as she noticed the blood on Alessio. Had he...? It should be obvious to her. Fuck. No way. She couldn't even imagine him killing anyone. But then the blood on him. This wasn't good at all. She promised to back up Michael. But did he really think that Alessio would talk to him? Would he even talk to her if she spoke to him?

Maria was now glaring at Alessio as she moved to be a bit closer to him and Michael. She had her sword at the ready in case Alessio was planning on doing anything funny. She could feel her hear beating a little faster. She should say something to him. Before Michael could go completely ax-crazy on him.

"Alessio...?" She took a deep breath and she was keeping eye contact with him. She had to take the calm and gentle approach with him. She didn't want to be too intimidating like Michael was being right then. "Who's blood is that? Who did you hurt?"
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