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Well damn. Looks like the library wasn't so lonely after all. Caedyn was someone that Rene knew pretty well, if the definition of "pretty well" was expended to include people that she knew by proxy of the two of them being involved in the same extracurricular club. Actually, that might have been too harsh. Caedyn had always been pretty all right, at least as far as Rene was concerned. But then again, Rene probably would have said that Nancy had been pretty all right back at school too, and she knew how that went once they hit the island.

However, one thing that Caedyn had working in her favor at that moment was that she was offering a refreshing beverage rather than an injection of hot lead, so Rene was more willing to try to be friendly this time around. "Hey Caedyn. " She pointed at the bottle in the other girl's hand. "Nice. I guess someone around here had to raid the liquor cabinet, right?"

She laughed at her own joke. Not a big laugh, just a short, breathy chuckle. She was not in the right shape or mood for a full-bodied belly laugh at the moment. "Nah, I think I'm gonna pass, though. Got too much going on in my head right now to haze it out, y'know?"
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