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Jerry overtook her.

That shouldn't have annoyed Toby. It didn't actually mean anything - she was tired both physically and mentally, muscle soreness and general fatigue. Hey, maybe Jerry was even faster than her just in general; it wasn't as if she'd ever tried to footrace him back home. And honestly, whether or not she reached the tower first mattered a lot less than whether or not Travis was in there; one more place to check off the list and then get moving again.

So it shouldn't have got on her nerves. But it really, really did. That was so Jerry. Get in front of her for the pure sake of getting in front of her.

She glared at his back, and was still glaring when he turned to ask her a question about burning the building down. Or lighting it up. Honestly her temper was starting to get too frayed to pay attention to what he was saying.

Toby also didn't reply to him. At this rate she was going to cram a verbal fist down his throat if she actually addressed him.

She glanced at Matt again.

"Right, because Alvaro was just going 'round school knifing people."

Toby clenched her fists and shook her head.

"It's the place, not the people. For as long as this has been going on, you get killings. Killers. You think every person who ever killed someone in this game was a school shooting waiting to happen? Bullshit."
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