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Good choice. And she smiled. And she held a window in her hand. He couldn't recall the name of the band. He could just recall the window.

He was missing her.

((Trend of linking previous threads not at the start of the post continued from the darkest corners of SOTF))

Alessio stepped out of the hallway and then pulled the door open to enter the room. He was not going to leave the Asylum while it rained. There was no way he could properly treat a common cold on this island and he was not suited to go out. He already felt sick and getting both physically and mentally sick was not a pleasant state.

Hand in his pocket, where the gun was hidden, he went into further into the room to see who the people inside were and if they were armed.

It was Michael again, but this time he had a girl with him. Apparently they were searching something.

Welp, Alessio could not help them finding anything, so he just awkwardly stood by the door, not saying a word of greeting as usual.
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