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Asha was casually lying down on the platform where they'd proudly display the corpses lucky enough to have an open-casket funeral, dressed up in an eternal Sunday's best. She felt comfortable, knowing she belonged there as much as any dead patient. The only thing that still separated her from them now was a matter of mere days; the small formality of making sure her heart had finally stopped trying to prolong a foregone conclusion.

This time, Asha had made sure not to fall asleep. Not out of any real practical concern, the mess they'd piled up in front of the chapel doors would take enough work to shove aside that everyone except Dot would be long awake before any new intruders showed their faces. She really just wanted to mend her pride as a mediocre watchdog. Not like the big, fluffy "boof" dogs, unfortunately. She was more similar to an ankle-biter that happened to have electric teeth. Giving Isabel a chance to sneak up on her and Dot wasn't something she could easily forget or laugh off.

She had plenty of time to think as Dot and Jae snored; staring at the single stained glass window that was the only really interesting thing in the room. Another day spent hiding away, doing nothing in particular. At least this time she'd achieved a net gain of one friend to help feel better. Hell, if she and Dot hadn't walked into the chapel when they had, Jae could easily be dead right now. Or maybe Brendan, Al, or Michael would have been. Any combination of those corpses would be less than ideal. She really did have the ability to help people!

Did that mean she would have almost certainly been able to help Danny if she had been there, then? If she hadn't been content to waste the day and let Iz run away? The exciting events of the day had been able to keep Asha's mind busy and focused on happy morbidity, but the empty hours that passed left her with nothing to do but to picture her friend's face and remember the good times they'd had. Permanently in past tense, now.

It was a relief when Jae finally woke up, chasing away Danny's sadly only metaphorical ghost. "It's time for you to get a watch, nerd." Asha sat up, yawned, stretched, tried to work out the crick in her neck that had developed from lying on something that hadn't exactly been designed with comfort in mind.

"Other than that, it's evening-ish I guess? You guys have been out for a while, now. You'd think that it's been a stressful day or something!" She smirked.
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