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Asuka was not the reassuring presence that Nate had been hoping for, but he’d take her over Alvaro. She was a bundle of nerves, just like him, but maybe that was a good thing. Being able to relate was more comforting than someone who waltzed in here and claimed to have the whole situation in the palm of their hand. Probably. Maybe.

Of course, it was a relief that she wasn’t hostile, that he wasn’t going to get shot just yet, but her forward nature put him on the spot. He’d wanted to talk, but now that the opportunity was facing him, had he really wanted to talk about what happened? He wanted reassurance, but was he willing to just admit to someone that he had left his friend to die?

He gripped his arms, looking at the floor even as he spoke. “It’s Nate,” he started, wanting to keep up his friendly habits, but more importantly wanting to put off the real topic. “that’s my name. Nice to meet you, Asuka.”

He bit into his lip, making quiet ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ to himself as he tried to start speaking, trying to say that he’d been crying in a ball for the past three days, the he got robbed by a guy because he tried to help him, that he got his friends shot in the face because he tried to talk down someone with a gun but couldn’t do it.

Yeah, not something he wanted to put into words.

“I was with my friends, and…”

More staring at the floor. More stalling. Did he have to?

“…and we got separated.”

No, he supposed, he didn’t.
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