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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Caedyn Miller Continued From 血塗れ桜))

"Could use a little redecorating."

Caedyn had gotten into surprisingly little trouble lately. The whole encounter with Nancy had been a rush, but other than that things had managed to stay pretty low. Granted, she and Jazzy had some catching up to do, and that had taken up so much of their attention that she'd hardly noticed the day flying by.

She had a habit of doing that to her. Maybe that was why they worked. Most things, let alone most people, couldn't keep her attention for very long without a challenge, but Jazzy handled it somehow. It never seemed to bother her that Caedyn was a little all over the place, or if it did she kept quiet about it. There was something to be said for both options.

Lots of cuddling and a few swigs of Jane's whiskey later though, it was time to do a little exploring. And here was Rene, their resident geeky bit player. Caedyn was kinda of fond of her; she was quirky little background noise that added flavor here and there without overstaying her welcome. Honestly, it was kind of surprising she was still around here, but somebody had to get lucky. At least she was a nice little diversion to keep things entertaining for now.

She waved at her as she came down the stairs with a grin. "Heya Wolfie," she said as she gestured towards her with the bottle. "Care for a drink?"
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