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((Rene Wolfe continued from Let's Awaken, By the Day))

It had been a few hours since her terrifying encounter with Nancy at the shoreline, but Rene still felt shaken up about it. And really, considering that she had been shot at by someone who clearly had every intent to kill, she was pretty sure that she felt justified in not getting over it so quickly. When she was fleeing with Blair, she was looking over her shoulder at nearly every sound, whether it be in the depths of the jungle or in a wide open plain. She just didn't feel safe.

However, with the sun setting, she needed to find a decent shelter for the night, and she had a damn good feeling that Blair needed one too. Blair had been in a pretty bad way earlier that day, and Rene couldn't imagine that a mad dash across the island had done anything positive for her. So priority one was making sure that they could at least find a halfway-decent resting place for the night.

Enter the asylum. Rene hadn't been there since the first day, and the size of the building admittedly intimidated her. Who knows how many people had come up with the same idea and decided to spend the night there. Probably a few. But the opportunity was there, and Rene knew for a fact that there was some decent shelter inside from previous experience. She just needed to find a nice, empty room where they could rejuvenate themselves for another day of staying alive.

The library was empty, that was for sure. But nice? That may have been a stretch. The place was a mess, with broken furniture, toppled shelves, and books strewn about the floor. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they weren't the first people to find this place. Rene could only look out at the wrecked area in front of her with a shocked sense of awe. Was this place this much of a disaster when the got here, or had her classmates actually done this?

Trying to block the ugly image of the surrounding area from her mind, she sat down in one of the still-intact chairs, head in hand.

"Man, this is a fuckin' mess..."
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