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"He wasn't moving."

Lizzie stared at him. Her mouth opened, then closed. She looked down at her empty water bottle. She looked at Yazzie's face. She looked at the people around her.

"Guys...guys...", said Alice. How strange this was. The people in this room...had they ever spent time together before this? How had they ended up here?

So much noise. So little said. Except for Keith. Except for Tyler.

How did Tina die? Sabrina? Lettie? Had someone stood by to let them die, just as Keith had let someone die? And if it had been Lizzie, would she have fought? Or would she have stood by? Why hadn't she looked for her cousins? Why hadn't she looked for Lettie?

She saw Nancy's face in her mind. She imagined her thumbs digging into those eyes. What did eyeballs feel like? Would they give way like jelly?

"Calm down, alright?" said Sandra, and Lizzie understood. She had understood for so long that it felt like breathing, so essential and invisible, beneath her notice. The Luz family was huge, plagued by their own problems and doubts and conflicts. Judgments, addictions, tempers, old feuds, old grudges. From the first moment she could remember, she had fled from those conflicts. The world was wide and wild, and the petty bullshit would just tie her down. She kept quiet, she did just enough to keep everyone off her back, and she kept moving.

And because of that, Lettie had died without Lizzie ever seeing her. Her family was dying, one by one. And Harold? Lizzie had led Tyler and Harry go, had left Astrid, because she was afraid of being trapped. Because the sheer weight and depth of Harry's support for Tyler and Astrid's determination to stay alive had scared her.

"I don't wanna be calm," Lizzie said, not looking at anyone in the room. What was the point of being calm? This was a hellscape where the people they loved and cared for were dying all around them. This was not a time for calm. This was a time for fucking rage. This was a time to dive into the petty bullshit, because there was nothing petty anymore, not with so many dead already. Her eyes found Keith again.

"You should have tried," Lizzie said. "And you know it, too."

She looked back down to Tyler.

"I wanna find Nancy Kyle," she said. "Wanna help?"
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