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"It's okay. We're all okay, for the moment," Asha said, squeezing Jae's hand back. That pretty obviously wasn't true, but forcing him to acknowledge that immediately (especially in front of a stranger like Dot) wouldn't help anyone to feel better. For now, the best that Asha could do was be a warm, reassuring presence for him.

Now that everyone's lives weren't being casually threatened, Asha could finally spare a moment to actually think about what Michael had said. In the end, no matter how Jae felt about it, Michael's demonizing of Brendan hadn't really changed Asha's opinion at all. It'd be one thing if they had been trying to stop Nancy from hurting people, but he said they had clearly been out for revenge - causing pointless suffering on the dead's behalf. She couldn't blame Brendan for trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Was that hypocritical of her, though? When she pictured Nancy in her mind, she thought of the frightened girl with the pretty hair crouching like a feral cat in the corner of the library, half out of her mind. Was that only because Nancy hadn't killed anyone she loved? In some strange way, Asha had been glad to hear that she was still alive, but what separated her from Isabel other than that personal connection; judging a person's entire moral character from a quick snapshot of time? Isabel could have lost her composure, Nancy could have gained hers.

In the end, though, it didn't really matter how Asha thought about the two of them; at least until they broke down the chapel doors. All she could do was, well, do the best she could with the information she had. She wasn't going to forgive Iz, hell no, but she wasn't going to hunt her down, either.

Was it bad that she almost wished that Iz had come when Dot called, just so Jae could finally have a legitimate target to shoot?

Dot's question banished the marauding wraiths of the island and brought Asha back to the reality of the flesh-and-blood friends she cared about. "I mean, we're still alive! Either we're doing something right or they aren't psychos after all. Just a whole bunch of stressed-out kids."

Afterwards, they discussed what to do next. Jae was tired as fuck and not in any condition to go traipsing around the island just yet, so Asha decided that she and Dot could start barricading the front door of the chapel with the pews and other miscellaneous things lying about so he could get some much-needed shuteye. When they were done, Dot decided that she could use a nap, too. Asha stayed up to watch over them, taser accessible but not in hand.

((Everyone settled down for a while.))
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