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Then it was settled.

"Off we go," Lili muttered, throwing a passing glance in Natalie's direction. Though she looked her over for any kind of distinguishing feature, something she could make a nickname out of, Lili saw nothing of any real note. She'd have to be Natalie for a little while longer. Of course, it was more likely that Lili would just forget about her long mental tirades on and on about dissociation and more kinds of overthinking than was healthy, but in the present moment Lili was caught deciding to think on it later.

Glad that Darius had respected her answer to her request, however awkward it may have been, Lili followed eagerly, body in tow. She was getting used to the feeling of Jasmine's hand, almost like a stress toy that she could squeeze whenever she started to shake again. Judging from the fact that her need for cigarettes had yet to evaporate, Lili guessed she'd be needing something to take out her frustration on.

As she walked away, her glasses fell out of her pocket and onto the ground.

Lili failed to notice.

[Lili Williams continued in ONE MILLION TROOPS.]
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