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She realized that Michael really didn't want her to look in there. Well, she guessed that she should respect that and move onto the next room with him. She wondered what or who was in there. Was it's Michael's friend? Jerry. She had a feeling that she should stay away from that subject. Talking about people that were already dead would be too depressing and it would make her feel like crap.

"Sure, if you want to skip that room. I don't have a problem with that. It's also less time consuming for us. I think we should take a break soon. We need to take care of ourselves properly."

Maria perked up as Michael asked if she was looking for anyone. Was she actually going to search for anyone? Junko, Caleb, maybe Kimiko. Also that guy she saw on the roof. Were they all still safe? She hadn't thought about finding them in case she was too late or if she was killed before she even saw them. She wondered if she should say that she did want to find them. She mostly wanted to find Caleb or Junko. Wayne.... She remembered the roof guy's name now. What rotten luck she actually forgot his name before.

"I would really like to find my friend, Caleb. Maybe Junko as well. I want to know if they are both okay. I'm actually scared shitless that I will hear their names on the announcement tomorrow." She shook her head and then she let out a small sigh, biting down on her lower lip a little. "What about you? Are you going to look for your friends? Maybe we can get our friends to form a group with us. Do you think that would be a good idea?"

Maria was silent when Michael spoke about how Jerry lost someone to Nancy and how everything went to hell after that. Would she end up doing the same thing? To get revenge for a friend? Michael was obviously trying to do the right thing by taking down some of those sick killers. Maria was also willing to help him to that.

"If we find Nancy.... Do you want to take that psycho down? I mean.... Do you want to give her the killing blow?""
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