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"No! Nah... T-there's nothing in there... I already checked..."

He wasn't gonna open that door. No way. That door didn't need to be opened. Nobody had to open that door, it was closed, it would stay closed.

"Let's just skip this one, alright?"

He backed away from the door and moved to the next one; sliding it open and scanning inside.

"Yeah; this one's clear too."

He figured he'd change the subject, he was not going on that feels coaster again.

"So uhhh... Anyone you looking for? Like friends, not enemies? I know a few people still alive, but I don't know where they are. Hope they're doing alright to be honest."

He didn't like this place, and to be honest, he had no idea why he came back here. All it kept doing was bringing in fucked up memories.

"Y'know, that's how I started this shit? Jerry lost someone he was close to. That's why we went after Nancy. I... Well I didn't know how he felt about it until- well, it happened to him."

He checked the next door.

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