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((Maria Cucinotta continued from Unlikely Salt And Pepper))

Maria had listened to Michael talking about his experiences while they walked through the hallways of the asylum. They have been searching through the rooms as they went along. She made sure to keep an eye behind them in case someone attacked them from behind. She wasn't going to take that risk. She would hate that thought from happening for real. She didn't want things to go to hell for her or Michael.

Were the two of them enough as a small group? Did they need more people to help them take down anyone who deserved it? Would one or two people be better? Would they actually betray her and Michael instead? Could they really trust anyone else? Could anyone else trust her and Michael?

So many questions that she knew that she could not answer. Even if she wanted to. She wondered how long she and Michael could keep up as partners. Would she abandon him soon? No, she wouldn't. She couldn't. She had to keep him company. It was strangely helping her keep sane with Michael around. It probably helped that he was more of a talker than her. Sometimes she almost forgot that she was on a shitty island fighting to survive. Almost.

Maria stopped just a few inches behind Michael as he called out the all-clear to her. She had noticed that he hadn't even opened the door to check the room. Why? Was there someone in there that he knew? Were they dead? Should she ask? She had to make sure that he was going be alright. She didn't want Michael to have a sudden breakdown. Unless she was wrong and he just wanted a break.

"Hey, Michael? Are you okay? Do you want me to check out the room for you?" She offered in a gentle tone.
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