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Trav thought about Wade's question. In truth he didn't have an answer. There was no real plan. Just his desire to find Noodle. That was priority number one. He couldn't think of a good way of going about it, there were too many different variables. Trying to make a plan around it would on serve to drive him insane especially as there were so many chances for them to walk past each other with out realizing. Trav didn't dwell on it.

He just shrugged at Wade.

"Dunno man."

He and Cass had done fine without a plan so far, there was no need to spent hours trying to thing one up only for it to be rendered null and void as soon as the next announcement hit. It was better to wait and see what the next morning brought and figure things out from there, once they had an idea of the lay of the land.

Trav turned and looked at Irene as she spoke. He thought he got the point she was trying to make but he didn't feel inclined to say he agreed. Sure bad people existed, but he doubted or just didn't want to believe that some of his classmates had just been waiting for this opportunity. For one or maybe two people sure but for the rest, that didn't line up.

He shook his head.

"I don't think so, sure maybe a couple of them." He thought back to Vanessa, how she was acting, he could see that happening with much more tragic results. "I think it's just a group of kids stuck in a situation that no one can be prepared for and a lot of what's happened is the result of that."

Trav didn't know if he was attempting to convince Irene or himself.
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