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(( Michael Crowe continued from Unlikely Salt And Pepper ))

"So's I was like 'Hey! You pull that trigger, and I'll fuck all of you up!' and you know what? He fuckin' didn't do it. Coward bastard knew what was comin' if he shot that shit, I tell ya'."

The rain pitter pattered along the windows outside the asylum. Maria and Michael had been searching the hallways and rooms for anyone hiding, good or bad. If they were good, maybe they could sway them to join the cause. If they were a name they've heard multiple times however. It was quiet as all hell.

Well, to be honest, it wasn't quite that quiet... What sounded like a machine gun went off a few floor below them, a little whiles earlier. They didn't bother to run to the source, they knew they weren't well armed to take that on yet.

That was quite the problem really. They had good cutty-beaty things, but when it came to packin' heat? Well, they weren't going to do any drive-bys any time soon. Michael was aware of what happened last time, him and Jerry, well armed, could take on anyone. That wasn't gonna happen again. They needed more people, and better gear if they really wanted to stand a chance.

Michael opened the next gate, calling out the clear sign after searching everything.

The tension of not finding anything when searching was just... ehh a little unnerving. He hated that shit. Dramatic music buildup, slow motion door open, and nothing was there. Shit pissed him off even more that cheap jump scares.

He moved to the next door. He wrapped his hand around the handle, then stopped. He knew what was on the other side. He knew it was not clear at all.


Jerry probably didn't want to see him after what he done...
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