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Bryony stared at Bridgette for a few seconds, taken aback at the… bluntness of the other girl’s statement. She wished now that she’d actually gotten to know Bridgette better during their time at art club, found out what she was like as a person. They’d never really talked, as such. Some small comments, critiques and appreciation of each other’s art maybe, but never spilling into full blown conversation. She wondered whether Bridgette was always like this. Always so… upfront.

She couldn’t exactly say the other girl was wrong, however. She felt awful, and she probably looked just as bad. The last time she’d caught a glimpse of herself had been back at the gym, the reflection from the windows painting a tale of how the previous two days had treated her. She had looked pretty haggard then. She didn’t want to imagine what she looked like now. “Barely surviving” would likely be an accurate descriptor.

Barely surviving was still surviving, though, and out here, the thinnest of margins could make all the difference.

Bryony sighed, and gave Bridgette a weak and completely unconvincing smile, that quickly turned into a grimace as she shifted her position and put a little too much pressure on her injured knee. Slowly, she lowered herself until she was sitting cross legged on the docks. She didn’t look at Bridgette. Her right finger traced invisible shapes and patterns on the ground in front of her.

“Not… not really, no…” Bryony mumbled. “I’ve been robbed, I fu… I messed up my leg… I saw… I saw someone get… get killed…”

Bryony could feel her lip begin to wobble and the tell-tale sign of her eyes growing damp as she blinked. She quickly took her glasses off, and busied herself with cleaning them, trying her best to distract herself, trying to hide her tears from Bridgette.

“Um… and I lost… I lost track of the person who saved me on the first day… Have you seen a girl named Alba recently?”

Bryony traced a circle on the ground. She sniffed, then finally looked up at Bridgette.

“She… she means a lot to me…”


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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