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((Will McKinley continued from The Thing About Life Is That One Day You'll Be Dead))

When he left Nadia at the cliffs, He didn't have time to think of home or any plans aside from one. Will figured it'd be best to cover as much ground as possible, even retrace old areas he's been in the last day to make sure, now that he no longer was distracted. He made his way across the bridge to the other part of the island, he'd seen the asylum on the map and figured Alex would make his way there, with the way he was acting all Phantom of the Opera back there with Rea. He'd definetly setup shop there.

It felt eerie standing outside the entrance. Like, there was a foreboding sense of danger about the place, Will had heard about the abandoned asylums they had in America, locked down and out of public eye for mistreatment of patients and general inhuman conditions they would have. It didn't look any better, fuck if what he'd heard on the announcments were true, then it was going to look way worse.

As he entered the building he noted it somehow looked worse on the inside. The outside looked stable to a degree, the inside was something else. It looked like a fucking graveyard, fitting.

Will decided to check the second floor first and work his way downward, he had his gun out at all times at this point. This was a risky endeavour he was on and any encounter could be a fight. Nobody was going to get the jump on him, not again.

He ascended the steps and looked around the top area. One that caught his eye was a particular corridor, he quickly went down it to find the gates to what looked like Solitary. The gates looked like absolute shite, and in the case of one rusted away. He made his way in.

As he walked down the halls he heard a familiar voice, He tensed up looking behind him as though someone was there before he hurried his pace over to where he had heard it.

"Ben? Is that you?"
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