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Once things quieted down from everyone's initial shock, Bart was pretty sure that he had a decent idea of what was going on. Kimiko was signing something to them. That's what he was assuming, anyway. He didn't know very much sign language outside of maybe a basic phrase or two, but considering how she was making a long series of gestures in absence of speaking or, well, doing anything else in this scenario, he thought that it was a fair assumption. When Clarice responded to her with what seemed to be answers to questions that he hadn't heard, that all but confirmed his theory.

But whether or not he completely understood every little detail of what was going on here, Clarice seemed to be trying to play peacemaker, and he didn't want to do anything that could potentially mess that up. He just stood by and listened, trying to keep track of everything that was said in order to formulate the best way to keep things from boiling over anytime in the near future. Would it work? He honestly couldn't say. That wasn't going to stop him from giving it his best shot, though.

Once there was a lull in the dialogue, he saw an opportunity to try to expand upon the peaceful exchange. Sure, there was no guarantee that he would actually make things any better, but he had enough confidence to believe that he couldn't make things worse. He looked at Kimiko and spoke what had been brewing in his mind.

"Hey, uh... I'm still not totally sure about what's going on..." His words came out without stumbling over themselves, but his inability to remove the nervous pauses in his speech continued to haunt him. "But I don't want to fight. Not you, or anyone. That's, uh... not really something I do."
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