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((Jaime Schanbacher continued from Notes from an Even Smaller Island))

So it wasn't piss that this place smelled like. That was a relief.

Too bad it was blood. From the neck of a girl whose neck had been blown apart. The only person who might have been a witness was Kaitlyn, and she was trying to make off with the other girl's ... Tessa's ... stuff. All with one of those crap protein bars still in her mouth.

"I didn't kill her. Obviously."

That was a fair point.

"But yeah, I've called dibs on her stuff. I can share some with yas, though. Don't worry." Kaitlyn smiled at that, as if she had a point with that. Jaime just rolled her eyes as Emma asked what had happened here while what had happened here was staring the five of them in the face.

Her neck was blown up. That's what happened.

"You want to share? Sure. Let's see the good stuff."
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