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Matt's plan, around a minute ago, was to get away from Alvaro. So far, that seemed to be working - he hadn't suddenly provided a loving home for a bullet - and he didn't exactly have much time to plan beyond that. Sure, getting new 'friends' would be a good plan. Strength in numbers and all that, but for some strange reason he didn't really trust Jerry. He just struck him as the type of person to shoot him while he was asleep because he just realized he hadn't killed anyone yet, if he had to get more than a tiny bit specific.

A few dozen other scenarios involving Cochise's best and brightest student ran through his head. Sure, he was being paranoid - he couldn't deny that - but Alvaro was Nate's friend. He didn't know Jerry, Jerry didn't know him. If Jerry wanted to kill him, he probably could do it and feel the minimum amount of remorse someone feels when they take a human life. An amount of remorse on par with realizing you left the oven, if he had to guess.

Quite frankly, he was hoping he'd kill Toby first. That'd buy him enough time to run away.

He stood up, starting to walk towards the bell tower, after Toby.

"Yeah," he said, in response to Jerry's question. He wanted to say something clever, but he was just starting to realize his only two friends on this rock were probably stone cold fuckin' dead. "I guess he's always been murder happy. I guess."
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