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Penelope stared at the ground, mouth slightly ajar, thinking of how to word her response.

"No I... didn't kill anyone. I couldn't do that. There's no way. There's no way..."

Penelope looked at the base of the wall nearby, the grimy padding giving away the building's age.

"My..." Penelope started to choke on her own words, a knot forming in her throat. "My... my boyfriend..." She couldn't stop the tears from flowing, as drained as her tear ducts already were. "My boyfriend... he... he..."

Penelope bit the side of her thumb, wanting to make everything go away, wanting to wake up and find out that this horrible nightmare was just a dream all along. "He's..." Penelope paused briefly to hold in her sobs. She needed to be coherent. "He's dead."

She slowly slid down the padded wall back down onto the floor, remaining in fetal position. Neither of them said anything for a moment. The tension and awkwardness in the air was almost palpable, it choked her under its weight.

There was nothing really more for her to say. Nothing to think about, nothing to do. Just this empty, unceasing moment that she was trapped in.

One last thing that she could say popped into her head. Breaking the silence, she spoke again, "My name's Penelope, by the way..."
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